How To Enter a Show Using the TICA Online Entry System (TOES)
Courtesy of Marty Young

Clubs are starting to use the new TOES system for online entries. It is a wonderful new system that will make entering cat shows much easier for exhibitors AND entry clerks. No more having to fill out an entry form and summary sheet for each show. YOU create your FREE account with your personal information and all the information on your cats and the system stores it. When you want to enter a show, all you have to do is sign in to TOES, go to the show calendar, select the show you want to enter and click "Add New Entry." Simply click on the name of the cat you want to enter and all the information is automatically filled in for you.

Below is a step-by-step walk through to set up your FREE TOES account and how to enter a cat show using TOES. I strongly suggest you create your account now and add any cats you are currently showing.

Thanks to Christian Cherau of the NE region for most of this walk through. I added the part about entering a cat in the database as a separate section.

Again, many thanks to Christian Cherau!!

I. Go to
2. Click "Register," the last option in the blue box
3. Enter security code, fill out form, and hit "Register"; at the bottom
4. The program will now send you an email to verify your account. CHECK YOUR SPAM IF YOU DO NOT SEE THIS EMAIL.
5. Click the link in the email sent to you by TOES to verify your account.
Congratulations! You are now a TOES user!

1. Click on "My Cats" at the top of the page.
2. Click on "Add new cat" on the right side of the page.
3. Fill out information form. Starred fields are mandatory.
    Registration Numbers must be in the form XXX ###### ### or XX ###### ####, or pending
    Birthdate will be filled out if a registration number is provided. If Pending, please use following format for
           Date of Birth: YYYY MM DD
    Indicate breeder of HHPs as "HHP"
4. In the "People" section at the bottom of the page, begin typing your user name and it should appear in the drop down menu. Click on it and then click "link this user as owner." If you are also the breeder, type your name again and click it and click "link this person as breeder."
5. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.
Your cat is now in the TOES database!

1. Go to
2. Log in to your TOES account, using the blue box, if you have not done so already
3. Click "Show Calendar" along the top of the webpage.
4. Scroll down to the date of the show you want to enter.
5. Click anywhere along the line of the show you would like to enter to open up the Show Details.
    E.g. to view the Red River Rascals show in Oklahoma City on October 19-20, click the line that says
           "19-20, Oklahoma City, OK, USA Red River Rascals."
6. Scroll down and you will see that show’s information. You will see two options: "Add New Entry" and "Add Placeholder". To enter the show select "Add New Entry"
7. If you are entering a cat you've already entered into TOES, select that cat, press “Next” in TOES, and skip to Step 11 here. If not, select “Add new cat” and proceed to the next step.
8. Fill out the entry form. Starred fields are mandatory.
    Registration Numbers must be in the form XXX ###### ### or XX ###### ####, or pending
    Birthdate will be filled out if a registration number is provided. If Pending, please use following format for
           Date of  Birth: YYYY MM DD
    Indicate breeder of HHPs as "HHP"
9. In the last box titled "People", you must link your account to this cat. Type your username into the "Type to search user" box. Click your username when it autofinds it. Then click the box to the right that says "Link this user as Owner"
10. Click "Save"
11. Select which days the cat will be shown and press "Next"
12. The next screen asks if your cat will be Exhibition Only and NOT partake in judging, as well as if your cat will have an agent. Fill out as necessary and click "Next"
13. This last page is your summary. Fill out as necessary, noting any additional requests/comments in the last box, such as EOR, extra catalogs, etc. Click "Save" to enter the show.
14. Voila! You are now entered. The entry clerk will be sending a confirmation through TOES shortly, please keep an eye on your spam filter.

Your total and payment information will be listed in your confirmation for you.

TOES will remember the cats you have previously entered, making entry into future shows much easier. To edit the information of the cats you have in TOES, simply click "My Cats" along the top and click the big pencil next to the cat whose information you wish to edit. This is especially important when adding registration numbers to kittens so they will appear in future shows!

There is also a YouTube webinar available that walks people through setting up a TOES account . Thanks to Liz Hansen (TICA GL Region) for creating it.


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