This show is CANCELED!

Cotee River Cat Club

May 8 & 9, 2010

New Port Richey, FL
Working with
West Pasco SPCA
Present "Rollin Down the River"
Helping pets stay at home and not end up in the shelter

Our Judges
Sue Becknell
Frances Yow
Robby Whyte
Sue Becknell
Harley DeVilbiss
Robby Whyte
Bill Lee
Kim Tomlin
Rob Seliskar
Alex Chisholm
Susan Lee
Ed Manning

Show Manager
(727) 867-7328

Entry Clerk
145 Bear Mountain Pass
(727) 867-7328
Mineral Bluff, GA 30559
Phone/Fax: (706) 374-4216

Please!!! No calls before 9 AM ET or after 9 PM ET! Thank you!!!

Super Early Bird 3 cats + ½ cage $160 (Reg $225) until March 14, 2010
One cat ½ cage $72 until March 14, 2010

Show Hall: Knights of Columbus, 5850 K o C Drive, New Port Richey, FL 34668. The show hall is climate controlled, wheelchair accessible, and is a non smoking facility. Food available at show hall, breakfast and lunch reasonably priced.

Show Hotel: Comfort Inn, 11810 - US 19 North, New Port Richey, FL, (727) 863-3336. $65 per night, no pet fee. Continental breakfast is included. Hotel reservations should be made by August 10th, 2009. You must say you are with the Cat Show, Cotee River Cat Club to get this rate.
CATS MUST BE CONFINED WHEN UNATTENDED IN ROOM. Please clean up after yourself and your cats so we will be welcome here again.
TICA Hotel Guidelines will be followed. Specifically, 903.7.1.1, Cotee River Cat Club has elected to use the Hotel Room Inspection Procedures for exhibitors who lodge at Comfort Inn using the club's group booking. Entry in show, and lodging at Comfort Inn using the club's group booking, shall constitute an acknowledgment by and consent of the exhibitor to these procedures.

Please make every effort to leave your room in the condition it was found, or better. Tipping housekeeping staff does not hurt. A happy housekeeping staff does not complain to management! Trash bags and litter will be available for your convenience. If you have a problem you cannot take care of yourself, please let show management know and we will do whatever we can to help. The condition of your room reflects on the entire cat fancy, and it only takes one mishap to lose a hotel (even a whole chain) forever.

Transportation: Tampa International Airport (TPA) or the St. Petersburg/Clearwater (PIE) Super Shuttle is reasonably priced (727) 572-1111, 800-622-2089, Limos, taxis and car rentals are available at the airport. The show hall is approximately 1 hour drive to the airport, so please leave plenty of time for your departing flight (we recommend flights leaving 6:00 PM or later).

Show Hours: TBA

Show Rules: TICA show rules will be strictly enforced. By entering, exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions of the judges and show committee. Official show rules, registration information andforms may be obtained from TICA, P.O. Box 2684, Harlingen, TX 78551 or viewed on their website at

Payment: TBA.

Registration: With the exception of cats competing in the Preliminary New Breed, Advanced New Breed, and New Traits classes, registration with TICA is not required to compete. However, to be scored for TICA titles and regional/International awards, cats, kittens, alters, and household pet adults must be registered. Championship cats, kittens, alters and adult household pets will only be scored once without a registration number.

Health: This is a non–vetted show. Any cat showing signs of illness, parasites or fungus will be escorted from the show hall, along with any cats owned, housed or augmented by the same exhibitor. All entries should be vaccinated against feline viral rhinotracheitis, calici and distemper (panleukopenia) at least two weeks prior to the show, and should test negative for feline leukemia and FIV (“feline AIDS”). Florida law requires any animal over the age of 4 months be vaccinated against rabies within the last 12 months (be prepared to show proof)! TICA show rules require all claws, front and back, be clipped prior to judging.

Grooming spaces: These measure 22 inches x 22 inches x 44 inches. Space is limited. First come first served.

Benching: Due to the unique tables available at the show hall, we must know who will be providing their own cages. Those not bringing their own cages will be limited in where they can be benched and this will take precedence over all other benching requests. Those who say they will be bringing their own cages will not be provided cages at the show hall. Set up time To Be Announced.

For Sale: Sales cages will be available to exhibitors. TICA rules allow no more than two kittens or one cat benched in a single cage. No kitten under 3 months of age will be allowed in the showhall (be prepared to show proof of age). NO KITTENS OR CATS MAY BE CONFINED TO CARRIERS, EITHER DISPLAYED OR UNDER CAGES, DURING SHOW HOURS. Any person disregarding these rules will be asked to leave the show. Florida requires health certificates accompany any animal sold in the state. If you are bringing cats or kittens to sell, Cotee River Cat Club strongly advises you familiarize yourself with the applicable statutes and takes no responsibility for your failure to do so.

Kittens: All kittens entered for competition must be at least four (4) and not more than eight (8) calendar months old on the day of the show. Kittens may be spayed or neutered.

Household Pets: Household pets are very welcome at this show! Declawed Household Pets are OK at TICA shows. This is due to the number of HHPs that are rescue cats and may have already been declawed at the time of rescue. Household pets over 8 months of age MUST be spayed or neutered. If you are unsure of your cat’s color and division, please contact the entry clerk for help or send a color photo of your entry. Photo will be returned at check in.

Supplies: Cat litter will be available, but please bring your own litter pan and food and water dishes! Each entry will be assigned a single cage, approx. 24" X 26" X 24". The two sides, back, and top must be covered. For the comfort of your cat(s), please bring something for the bottom of the cage too!

Clerks: Are indispensable! Clerks will be compensated $30 for each segment of show, plus lunch, and a marked catalog, not to mention our undying gratitude. Requests for specific judges will be honored to the extent possible on a first come, first served basis and are subject to change. Currently Licensed TICA clerks will be given preference. Trainees and assistants are always welcome. Clerks and trainees will be given preferential benching if we know in advance that you will be clerking!

Awards: Rosettes will be awarded in accordance with TICA show rules. Donations to our rosette fund are greatly appreciated! If you wish to sponsor any special awards, please contact the show manager.

Attractions: Take a relaxing boat cruise down the Cotee River, The Club will be taking reservations for the relaxing 2 hour River Boat Tour for Saturday night. Special Price $ 25 includes beverages and cruise or there is a Casino boat trip see: Lots of restaurants on the Cotee River and US 19.

Sponsors: Thank you very much for everyone who supports our show. Ring Sponsorship is as follows: All Breed Ring - $110‚ your name on Rosettes‚ and Specialty Ring - $125‚ your name on Rosettes. Commercial sponsors $300 per ring. Catalog Sponsors are as follows: Full page - $75, Half page - $50, Quarter page - $25, Business card (1/8th page) - $10.

NEITHER Cotee River Cat Club, Knights of Columbus, Comfort Inn, nor TICA May be held liable for loss, theft, or damage to animals, personal property, exhibitors, or their guests.

This show is canceled.

Questions related to the show (including directions, problems with the show hotel, etc.)
should be addressed to show management / entry clerk as identified on the flyer.
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